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How to Rewire Your Brain

Beliefs start out as thoughts which over time you accept as “true.” Your brain uses those beliefs as a filter. It looks for evidence to support what you believe. It deletes and distorts everything else. This is called confirmation bias. This meaning-making strategy


Upgrade Your Beliefs

We have a bias for action because, on the surface, it appears that results are created by what we do. But action can work against us if we don’t believe the outcome we want is possible. Or if we believe it has to


The 4-step Process to Create Anything You Want

How would your life change if you started acting like the person who’s already living your dream life? The 8-figure business that scales without taking all your time. The body that’s healthy and strong and looks 10 years younger. The excursions with family


Quantum Physics and Your Mind

Even though the larger world is made up of the smaller world, the laws of classical and quantum physics contradict each other. Yet both are true. Both exist simultaneously. Classical physics explains how the world operates at the macro level and covers the


Your Master Key

The ultimate source of your power to create results in the world comes down to one thing. This one thing shapes your decisions, influences your actions, and even defines what you think is possible. It’s your self-concept. Your identity. Who you think you

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