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The Formula to Create Lasting Change

When there’s something you don’t like about your life, like your business, your weight, or your marriage, the first thing most of us try is to change what we do. We hire a business consultant, or start a keto diet, or look for


These Two Questions Help You Win

What’s the reason you avoid, stall, change your goal, or read another book to find the “solution” instead of taking bold action? It’s the one thing holding you back from creating the business (and the life) you want. Telling yourself you don’t know,


The Best Thing About Obstacles

There will always be obstacles between where you are and where you want to be. Otherwise, you’d already be there. If you’re surprised by that, or make it a problem, you’ll be frustrated a lot. When you run into obstacles, it doesn’t mean


The Science of Directing Your Thoughts

Most of the time, you think your thoughts are facts, so you don’t question them. This is fine when your thoughts make you feel good. But the built-in negativity bias that evolution embedded in the human brain for survival can lead you to


Respected Vs. Liked

It’s a natural human desire to be liked and accepted. But if you say things you don’t really mean in order to get that acceptance, you’re paying a high price. I’m not talking about basic politeness. It’s more about being inauthentic when you’re


How to Hold Your Team Accountable

Holding people accountable is the most mature thing you can do. It requires you to have an adult conversation. The reason it feels hard when it comes to your team is: 1. You worry they might quit. 2. You don’t want to hurt

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