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Intentionally Choose Your Reality

In the epic journey of your life, you’ll travel through a landscape filled with twists, turns, and challenges. Whether it’s a broken heart, a project that didn’t pan out, or a missed opportunity, you’ll face adversity at some point. Here’s the thing: pain


5 Ways to Love Your Business Again

When you first start out in business, you put more than time and energy into it. You also contribute energy and excitement! You actively WANT your business and you’re intimate with it. Do you remember those feelings? Jumping out of bed every day


Why It’s Never Too Late

Starting around age forty, and getting stronger every year after that, we start yearning for something different. We feel restless, wondering if this is all there is. We want to feel excited about life again, but we have lots of reasons why we


The 3-Bucket Rule

It’s counterintuitive to do less and accomplish more. But that’s exactly what happens when trust is present. Especially when it comes to your team. For example, the more you trust your team, the less you do yourself. You know this, but it’s hard


5 Steps to Making Better Decisions

As you move through life you’ll have lots of decisions to make. It can be tempting to rush into research mode. To search for an “expert” or spend hours on Google or Chat GPT. Sure it makes sense to gather a reasonable amount

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