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How to Avoid the Cycle of Disfunction

One of the mistakes entrepreneurs make is we say, “Here’s this thing I need done, please figure out how to do it.”Sometimes we aren’t sure how to do it ourselves, but secretly think we should know and feel a little inadequate about that.Sometimes


Free Yourself from Confusion and Overwhelm

In every situation there are things you know and things you don’t. When you’re doing something new, there are lots of things you don’t know. By default your brain goes on high alert to amplify the importance of these unknown things in order


How to Overcome Doubt and Pressure

What are you thinking when you’re in a hurry? That if you don’t hurry something bad will happen, like: It won’t work. It’ll never get done. Someone else will do it first. The urge to hurry contains the seed of doubt. You think


The Best Way to Get People to Respond

The intention behind what you say is more important than the precision of the words. It seems like it’s what you say that creates the response. This is why you’ll spend hours wordsmithing. It slows you down and depletes your energy. Thinking it

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