Knowledge Vs. Imagination

How often do you let your mind wander, without feeling like you’re wasting time because you’re not “doing” something?

For most achievers the answer is “rarely.”  

It’s a good use of your time
, as long as you’re in the optimal state and you prime your mind by asking the right kind of questions.

Einstein called it a “thought experiment.” In one, he imagined riding beside a light beam on a moving train, and realized the speed of light is constant for everyone.

This insight revolutionized our understanding of physics.

Without his Special Theory of Relativity, GPS systems wouldn’t work, affecting everything from local commutes to global logistics.

When your mind is relaxed and open, you access the alpha brain wave state. Alpha is when your brain’s electrical waves pulse at a frequency of 8-12 Hz, heightening creativity and intuition.

It’s the optimal state for abstract thinking and innovative ideas.

While watching an apple fall from a tree in this state of relaxed awareness, Isaac Newton came up with the concept of gravity.

J. K. Rowling was daydreaming on a train about a young boy at school when she came up with the Harry Potter series.

You can’t access alpha when you’re under pressure, feeling stressed or trying to force a solution.

But you can induce this state easily as you’re lying in bed before sleep. It’s also accessible during meditation, or even on a long drive or a relaxed jog.

Create a state of being where you feel relaxed, unattached and mildly curious. Breathe deeply and empty your mind of everything you think is a “fact.”

Give suggestions to your subconscious mind in the form of open-ended questions that start with “I wonder…”

  • what’s the fastest way to … without … ?
  • what’s the easiest way to … and … ?
  • how can I … while also … ?
  • what’s possible if I…?

Go for high level, abstract thinking and look for relationships between concepts and possibilities.

Give yourself permission to relax while you do this and allow it to be fun. You’re accessing your subconscious for insight it knows, but your conscious mind is not seeing.

For example:

  • I wonder what’s the fastest way to double our revenue without decreasing customer satisfaction?
  • I wonder what’s the easiest way to onboard more staff and document our systems?
  • I wonder how can I reduce my hours while also growing the business?
  • I wonder what’s possible if I change my relationship with time?

You’re not aiming for precision or detailed steps. You’re looking for insight first. Logistics come later.

The more often you do it, the better you’ll get. Write down your ideas and take at least one immediate next step.

Imagination is more valuable than knowledge.

Knowledge is information distilled from the past, but your imagination visualizes the future and creates something new in the present.

Give yourself permission to imagine the future.

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