Observe your Mind

Your brain is a meaning-making machine. It labels your experience with silent sentences we call thoughts.

These thoughts are instructions to your mind, and they create your reality.

You’ve heard this before. But how exactly do thoughts create reality? Like this:

Left unsupervised, your subconscious mind offers up negative thoughts on the regular. This is due to humanity’s negativity bias, which constantly scans for danger and problems.

It won’t work.
I don’t know how.
There’s not enough time.

Often you won’t even be aware that you’re thinking these thoughts, but you’ll notice the negative feelings they cause, like doubt, anxiety, and overwhelm.

It’s these feelings which lead to the action (or inaction) that creates the exact negative results you don’t want. A self-fulfilling prophecy:

“It won’t work” causes doubt and you hesitate to roll out the new product or service, which of course means it won’t work.

“I don’t know how” generates anxiety and you actually can’t think clearly enough to finish the speech or the presentation because your prefrontal cortex functions at half speed under stress, reinforcing that you don’t know.

“There’s not enough time” leads to overwhelm and the feeling of urgency causes you to make so many mistakes that there actually is not enough time to finish the deliverable by the deadline.

To break this cycle, become the Observer.

1. Notice your thoughts: When you feel a negative emotion, stop and ask “What am I thinking right now?”

2. Question your thoughts. Ask, “Is this thought really true? Is it a fact that could be proven in a court of law or is it just negative self-talk?”

3. Align your thoughts. Ask, “What do I choose to think instead that’s aligned with the result I want?“

Negative thoughts don’t align with positive results.

Choose thoughts that make you feel determined, certain, and energized because those feelings lead to action and positive results.

I’ll find a way to make it work.
I know I can figure this out.
There’s enough time.

The thoughts you think are instructions to your subconscious.

Take control of your mind by becoming aware of what you’re thinking and choosing your thoughts intentionally.

This one habit will completely change your life.

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