Shift This One Thing to Fall Back in Love With Your Business

What makes a business easy to love?

These are a few of the most important things:

It runs without taking all your time, it scales without adding a lot of people, it’s cashflow positive, generates recurring revenue, and it’s unique and different in the market.

The problem is we have it backward. We think our business has to be all these things BEFORE we can love it.

But it’s the other way around.

Decide on purpose to love your business and then you’ll have the energy to take the steps to set your business up this way.

So what does it actually mean to “love” your business? When you love something, you feel connected to it. You want it and appreciate it. You show your love.

You don’t try to avoid it, blame it, or escape from it.

Yes, when you build a business, it’s an emotional journey.

There are the highs when the business first gets off the ground.

Think back to when you landed your first client, were asked to speak at a conference or hit your first financial goal. You were filled with elation, excitement, and the world was full of possibility, right?

There’s no better feeling in the world.

Then there are the lows when you hit obstacles and experience setbacks.

Some of the systems you try, fail. You don’t meet your financial targets, and you struggle to make payroll. Employees quit or start their own business and take your clients. Your personal life suffers because you’re so focused on your business.

You feel lonely.

There are the humdrum, middle-of-the-road moments. You get caught in the tedium of emails, bills, proposals, day-to-day necessities. Your business doesn’t seem interesting anymore.

It’s inevitable that your relationship with your business will change over time. But you don’t have to settle.

Fall in love with your business again, if you want to grow it.

Get back those feelings of excitement and sense of purpose. They will amplify your actions so you create extraordinary results.


Decide on purpose to love your business. Look for and focus on what you appreciate about yourself, your team, your customers, and your solutions.

This isn’t some new flavor of “woo.” The reason it works is that your feelings of connection, appreciation, and attraction act like a force multiplier for your actions.

You’ll find it much easier to invest the time and energy to grow your business when you’re fueled with the energy of love.

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