The Science of Directing Your Thoughts

Most of the time, you think your thoughts are facts, so you don’t question them.

This is fine when your thoughts make you feel good.

But the built-in negativity bias that evolution embedded in the human brain for survival can lead you to think the worst.

For example:

Fact: Jennifer made a typo
Thought: My team doesn’t care
Feeling: Frustrated

Fact: Revenue is down 10%
Thought: Nothing is working
Feeling: Worried

Fact: Bill didn’t return my call
Thought: They won’t hire us
Feeling: Anxious

We think thoughts like these on the regular and don’t realize they’re not facts.

Not only do these thoughts feel bad, but the actions you take in this state are unlikely to create results you want.

For example, you’ll jump in and take over, or look for everything else going wrong in the business, or start thinking of ways to discount your price.

You react instead of respond.

Begin today to notice the thoughts you’re thinking about your team, your customers, your solutions, your money and yourself.

Write them down.

Getting them out of your head is the best way to see them objectively.

Then identify the facts. Facts are neutral. They don’t contain judgment or adjectives.

Once you separate your thoughts from the facts, you’ll be able to see that your thoughts are optional interpretations.

That means you can change them.

Decide on purpose what you will think about every situation.

Use as your litmus test how your thoughts make you feel and whether they will move you in the direction of your goals.

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