The One Thing You Can Do in This Moment That Will Affect Everything Else

What’s the most important thing to be thankful for?

The one thing that affects everything else?

Your mind.

You have the opportunity each moment to choose the focus of your mind.

And the way you focus your mind changes the way the world appears for you.

Choose to appreciate your business. Be grateful for it.

Practice feeling good about it. Remember why you started it.

Choose to feel amazed at how far you have come and appreciate your past self for having the courage to create it.

Allow yourself to feel grateful for the incredible experience of being an entrepreneur.

Nurture your business and treasure it.

Appreciate your team and your clients and customers for being on the journey with you.

Love your business.

There’s always an opportunity to turn your attention to what you’re grateful for in your business and your life.

The bonus feature gratitude provides is that it feels good to the one experiencing it.

And that creates a positive ripple effect throughout the world.

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