Adopt this Mindset to Create a Future You Love

Your past did not cause you to be where you are in your life.

Where you are in your life caused your past to exist.

This is because it is always now.

The past is like the wake of a ship. When a ship is moving, there will be a wake.

But the wake does not drive the ship.

The wake exists because of where the ship is now.

The ship creates the wake, and it always does it in the now.

It’s the same with us. The past exists because of where you are now.

The past does not dictate what is possible, it just seems that way.

When you embrace the concept that the present is not a function of the past, you’re free to create anything you want.

The past is limited.

The future is not.

You create the future in the now.

It’s a discipline to think this way. But it’s worth it.

Let’s stop looking to the past for proof that we can do something in the future.

It causes a lot of problems when the thing hasn’t been done before, or everyone says it can’t be done, or the world gives you lots of proof it can’t be done.

Extraordinary people do things no one else is doing.

Create the future in your mind first and make it real in the present.

Reach out into the future, grab it and pull it toward you now.

Make decisions the way you would make them in light of this future being a fact.

It means you must believe in the future you’re creating – you turn it into a fact in your mind because you believe in yourself and your ability to make a difference.

Generate within yourself the feeling of certainty and the commitment to adding value to the world because certainty and commitment are like rocket fuel for your actions.

Create the future now.

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