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Ready to fall back in love with your business?

Love your business but run it like you plan to sell it

As business owners, we want freedom, yet we often feel trapped in a business that won’t scale.

Owning a multiple 6-figure business can leave us frustrated and drained. But it doesn’t have to be this way!

I can show you how to rethink your relationship with your business, take back control, and turn it into an asset you love. 

Owning a company that can run without you and other people want to buy gives you lots of options. It means you can scale, sell, or be the chairman removed from the day-to-day.

That’s real freedom. Keep the business. Or sell it. Win either way.

Ready to get started?

Client Testimonials

Debbie is brilliant and a pleasure to work with. She truly understands the needs of entrepreneurs. I recommend her highly to anyone ready to level up in all areas of their life.

– Pam M.

I trust Debbie completely. I love her energy and her approach because it works! The mindset and business strategies she uses are changing my life. I have so much more clarity and feel excited about my business and future again.

– Melissa K.

I love this woman for the genuine care and concern she has for entrepreneurs who want to reach their ultimate potential in life. You will be positively blown away by her untraditional, yet highly effective methods.

– Terri L.

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Are you playing offense or defense in your business? Are you moving forward with confidence and clarity or hesitating because you’re feeling inadequate and overwhelmed?  When we start our business, we’re focused on the future. We’re feeling good because we’re thinking about possibilities. We use our prefrontal cortex – the more evolved part of our

The Key to Increasing Our Company’s Value

Increasing our company’s value means decreasing risk.  Business owners are ALWAYS on the lookout for risk. We can’t ignore the obvious, like when demand is down, or our market is shrinking.  But there are other areas where risk lurks, creating a trap. Because it’s RISKY when our business: ➣ Can’t run without us or a

Love Your Business, but Run It Like You Plan to Sell It

Freedom in your business means having options.  The option to scale, sell, or become the chairman removed from day-to-day operations. But too often, we feel trapped by our business instead.  The bigger it grows, the less time and freedom we have.  The business can’t run without us. It grinds us down, physically and emotionally.  Resentment

Loving Your Business - the book!

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Tired of feeling frustrated and trapped by your business?


6 Steps to Turn Your Business into an Asset