Is this you?

“I work all the time. I’m exhausted and I feel trapped by my business.”

I hear this from business owners all the time. You never have enough time. You don’t have the right people. You worry about your strategy and your marketing isn’t working.

The stakes keep getting higher and the stress of wondering if it will all collapse drives us to try to control everything.  We overwork and overmanage.

Imagine loving your business again like you did when you started. Enjoying your life while you grow your company at the same time. It doesn’t have to be one or the other.

If you’re using willpower and grit to run your business but you’re feeling frustrated and tired, I can show you how to get your LIFE back.

I turned my professional services business from a trap into an asset, doubling revenue and increasing margins, while decreasing my hours. The business worked so well I received multiple offers to buy it.

When your business works for you, it’s something to love. And when you love your business, other people will too.

Best of all, owning a business that runs without you gives you options: keep it and scale, hire someone to run it for you, or exit when you’re ready. That’s REAL freedom.

I help business owners with the mindset and strategy to create that freedom.

Based on the tools and proven framework used with hundreds of clients and featured in my bestselling book, I’ll teach you how to rethink the relationship with your business and turn it into an asset – one that you love and other people do too. Your clients, your team, and the market.

That’s real freedom.

Client Testimonials

Debbie is brilliant and a pleasure to work with. She truly understands the needs of entrepreneurs. I recommend her highly to anyone ready to level up in all areas of their life.

– Pam M.

I trust Debbie completely. I love her energy and her approach because it works! The mindset and business strategies she uses are changing my life. I have so much more clarity and feel excited about my business and future again.

– Melissa K.

I love this woman for the genuine care and concern she has for entrepreneurs who want to reach their ultimate potential in life. You will be positively blown away by her untraditional, yet highly effective methods.

– Terri L.

Featured Blog Posts

Rethinking Our Relationship with Our Business

Business ownership can feel like it takes a heavy toll, costing us time, energy, and money.  It can leave us frustrated and drained.  If that’s you, it’s not only time to change your business, but your mind.  I learned the hard way that if I let my business take up all my time and energy,

Resenting Your Business Costs You Time, Money, and Freedom

We want to love our business, but we don’t. It seems like it takes everything from us. Our money, our time, our freedom – our LIFE!  We want to love our business because it’s a part of us. But it’s hard because we feel stressed, frustrated, overwhelmed, and exhausted. We want to love our business

Lifestyle Company or Valuable Asset – Which One Do You Have?

Running your business takes so much time and energy. Spending the profits on some indulgences is the least you can do, right?  This was my line of thinking when my business became successful. I enjoyed the expensive company car, the exclusive business clubs, and the upgraded hotel suites. I took a lot of the excess

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Tired of feeling frustrated and trapped by your business?


6 Steps to Turn Your Business into an Asset