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Twice the Results with Half the Effort

If you want more energy for your business, ask yourself this one question: Am I moving toward what I want or pushing away from what I don’t want?When you’re moving toward what you want it takes ½ the effort to achieve twice the


Personal Power

To achieve something new, most people take new actions. They change what they’re doing. But there’s a faster way. Transform who you’re BEING, and you’ll automatically change what you’re doing. You do this by growing your personal power and elevating your self-concept. Personal


Conquer Your Task List

If you can’t delegate a task, use these 2 steps instead of procrastinating and avoiding. Maybe you drag your feet when it’s time to review the financials or outline your next speech. Maybe for you it’s evaluating whether to partner with another company


The Real Issue with Delegation

It’s not that hard to delegate. The real issue is trust. You don’t completely trust yourself because you think it’ll take too long to explain it. You might not remember everything. You’ve tried it before and it backfired. You don’t completely trust other


Knowledge Vs. Imagination

How often do you let your mind wander, without feeling like you’re wasting time because you’re not “doing” something?For most achievers the answer is “rarely.”  It’s a good use of your time, as long as you’re in the optimal state and you prime your


The 10x Delegation Equation

Your zone of excellence keeps you from your zone of genius and makes your business small. Your zone of excellence includes all the things you’re great at, but other people can do them too. Even if they can’t do them as well as

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