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Entrepreneurs Create Value with Our Minds

Remember the feelings of excitement and eagerness you had when you started your business? How energizing it felt to create something from nothing? What happened to those feelings? You no longer feel that way because instead of thinking about the future with enthusiasm,


Your Primitive Brain is Hurting You Now

Evolution has provided us with an amazing brain – actually with two distinctly different types of brain in one. The oldest one, called the “primitive” brain, is responsible for our survival. It looks for danger everywhere and is always on alert. Everything is


How to Create Time

One of the most common things we blame is time. As entrepreneurs, we just don’t have enough of it. I ran out of time is the reason we’re late for the meeting or why we skipped the gym. It’s the reason why our


The Hidden Manual that Rules Us

Most of us have a hidden instruction manual for ourselves and others. Our parents and key childhood figures wrote the outline for the manual, most of which they got from their parents. In words and deeds, they told us what was expected. The

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