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The 4-step Process to Create Anything You Want

How would your life change if you started acting like the person who’s already living your dream life? The 8-figure business that scales without taking all your time. The body that’s healthy and strong and looks 10 years younger. The excursions with family


Quantum Physics and Your Mind

Even though the larger world is made up of the smaller world, the laws of classical and quantum physics contradict each other. Yet both are true. Both exist simultaneously. Classical physics explains how the world operates at the macro level and covers the


Your Master Key

The ultimate source of your power to create results in the world comes down to one thing. This one thing shapes your decisions, influences your actions, and even defines what you think is possible. It’s your self-concept. Your identity. Who you think you


The Science of Overcoming Overwhelm

In business, you take risks and enter the realm of uncertainty and overwhelm all the time. You learn how to create something from nothing. It feels uncomfortable.⁠ Even when you’re working on things you want to do, like hiring staff for growth or


How to Rewire Your Brain

Every breakthrough you achieve, every goal you reach – from building a scalable business, creating positive cashflow, or staying in peak physical condition, all begin with a thought. In business school, they teach us how to develop strategies, understand markets, and crunch numbers.


The Secret to Loving Your Business Again

Running a business is like being in a serious relationship. In the beginning, you can’t stop thinking about the other person. You’re in love and everything is great. But over time, you start noticing little things you don’t like. Maybe your partner leaves

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