Align Your Life with Your Purpose

Being genuine is the most powerful form of personal expression.

Commit to being congruent.

Insist on living authentically.

As a unique point of consciousness, you’re shaping the future and destiny of our planet.

Your spirit wants to create something new into the world, not duplicate what other people do.

Express the essence of your being.

Don’t listen to anything that tries to stop you, like the sneaky voice of “reason” which says:

It’s too late.
I’m outmatched.
I might not make it.

Stop. These thoughts keep you stuck in the cave. If our ancestors had listened to those voices we wouldn’t be here now.

Believe these truths instead:

Now is the time.
The world needs me.
I have everything I need.

Demonstrate for all the world to see that you have the courage to live fully and love unconditionally. Risk feeling foolish and dare to fail.

Don’t settle for the illusion of safety by sacrificing your dreams and your happiness.

There will never be a better time to be your true self.


Mother Teresa kept a copy of this image with her, but it’s not about religion.

When we embrace these concepts, we resist the gravitational pull of society’s expectations, choosing instead a path of authenticity, kindness, and integrity.

Through these acts, we express our essence of being, handling the challenges and contradictions of human existence with courage and resilience.

The reason we do something matters.

Is it because it feels right in our soul and is in alignment with our higher self or is it because we want to look good in the eyes of others?

The human desire for approval can supersede the drive to express our individuality.

Sometimes we compromise our sense of self, trading it for the opinion of what others think of us. We do things we don’t want to do because we want to be liked.

Our identity can become entangled in the facades we maintain, our essence diluted by the narratives we construct to justify our actions.

It’s not as though we consciously decide one day to be inauthentic. This pattern of behavior is a fundamental aspect of the human condition.

Grappling with this natural tendency is our path to self-awareness.

Each expression of authenticity and goodness we demonstrate is a reflection of our true nature, our inner character, and makes the world a better place.

Ask yourself:
1. What am I currently doing that I don’t enjoy because I think I must?

2. What do I want to do that I’m not doing because I’m worried about failing or being judged?

Take time to reflect on these questions and journal about your answers. The first step is awareness.

If you’re feeling a yearning to change your business or your life, there’s a reason for it.

Step into the life that’s calling you. Do not wait.

Be a beacon of light on the planet and emit your true frequency.

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