The Essence of Your Being

You contribute to the evolution of humanity by expressing your individual essence into the world.

Formal education doesn’t emphasize this concept and it’s rarely modeled for us by parents or society.

Instead, we’re encouraged to conform and put off our dreams. To play it safe, and trade inner yearnings for security and plan for retirement.

As business owners and entrepreneurs, we initially achieve escape velocity by striking off on our own. We throw every ounce of energy into our companies.

We think we’re free.

But then you wake up years later and realize the business that used to feel so exciting now feels like a trap.

The exhilaration of freedom has turned into the drudgery of the mundane, punctuated with periods of intense drama when it feels like your survival is at stake.

That’s when you realize you’re working for your business instead of the other way around.

If it feels like your soul is shriveling, don’t accept that it has to be this way. Take this moment to wake up and remember who you really are.

Eternal consciousness, having a human experience.

Your life is about learning, growing, contributing, loving. It’s not about being important, looking good, acquiring more money and more stuff.

There’s nothing wrong with having a high profile and being financially wealthy, but it’s not the point or the purpose of your life. When money is an outcome of living your purpose and serving the world, it can be beautiful.

But it’s not the purpose of your life. It’s a side effect.

Become the “Watcher” of your life. Notice what you’re thinking, feeling, and doing.

1. Try this experiment: For one day, write down everything you do that takes more than 30 minutes. Review the list at the end of the day. Are you happy with how you spent your time? Do you feel energized or depleted? Fulfilled or frustrated? Does this list reflect the essence of your being? Are you doing what you really want to do?

2. Make a list of what you want to do. Don’t filter it by whether it’s “realistic” or “possible.” Just write down what’s calling to you, what you’re yearning for. Vividly imagine yourself living this life and notice the feelings that surface.

Give yourself permission to consider a new future that is congruent with who you are now.

You are not your business. Look at it with fresh eyes and ask if it brings you joy. If not, it’s time to realign it with your true self.

Over the course of your life, it’s ok to change what you want.

You’re meant to grow and evolve. Staying the same leads to extinction.

If you’re feeling restless, searching for meaning, and looking for clarity…your soul is whispering to you.

You’re an individual expression of cosmic energy and the world needs what you have.

You’re one of a kind, with a completely unique blend of talents, insights, and abilities.

Reach for what you love and look for what makes the world better. Your true path lies at this intersection.

Release the need to seek approval and live in harmony with your inner calling.

Your uniqueness elevates what’s possible for humanity.

The essence of your being matters very much to the planet. Live your truth and evolve your business as you evolve your self.

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