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Why a Future Focus Is So Important in Business

What do successful race car drivers, equestrian jumpers, and entrepreneurs have in common? They focus on where they want to go. Because energy flows where attention goes. Of course we know this, we’ve heard it before. But sometimes our mind goes on autopilot.


2 Important Truths About Loving Your Business

Want to fall in love with your business again? Two things will get you there. ✔️Your thoughts. ✔️Your actions. The way you think about your business defines your relationship with it. ⁠ ⁠ When you think about problems, it’s easy to feel frustrated


3 Mistakes to Avoid on Your Way to Success

Ever think you’ll finally be successful once you hit that financial milestone, put together the right team, or create the winning marketing campaign? Success can seem like the horizon, no matter where we are, it’s farther away. It’s easy to forget that the

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6 Steps to Turn Your Business into an Asset