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Decision Fatigue

Have you ever heard of decision fatigue?  Even if you haven’t, I bet you intuitively recognize it. It’s that afternoon slump you feel after making too many decisions in the morning. It’s snapping at your employees after being asked too many questions. It’s


Two Truths You Need to Hear

Two Truths You Need to Hear I don’t know everything, by a long shot. But I’m sure about these two things: Black lives matter and love is a verb.  In my world, love is a VERB. It’s why I created the Lovability Matrix

Loving Your Business

The Case for Love

The Case for Love Here’s what they don’t tell you in business school: the most important thing about your business is the relationship you have with it. Does this sound familiar? “I resent my business – no one does it right but me” “Marketing

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