How Your Words Shape Reality

The primary job of your mind is to make meaning. It categorizes things as good or bad, safe or dangerous, right or wrong, generally based on past experience.

We don’t see circumstances as neutral, we interpret them. We mix up what happened with the story we tell about it.

The language we use in the story we tell is what shapes our reality.

Take these examples:

John totaled my car. 
Kelly stole my client.

Objectively, what really happened?

John had an accident. 
The client decided to work with Kelly.

Notice the difference in how you feel depending on the language you use?

Language is powerful and plays a critical role in how you perceive reality. You think in language.

You can even shape reality with language in the form of declarations.

That’s exactly how laws, money, and geography work. They are created with language in the form of declarations that we accept as consensus reality.

Language doesn’t merely describe reality – it molds it, profoundly influencing your perceptions and actions.

The power to shape your experiences and the world around you lies within your words.

As you become conscious of this power, ask yourself: What new reality can you declare and begin to construct with your words today?

Change your words, change your world.

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