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How to Evaluate Your Options

We like to think when it comes to difficult decisions we use reason and logic to weigh the pros and cons. But the primitive part of our brain works against us. It lobbies for the option requiring the least amount of change. You’re


How to Make Better Decisions

Your brain has two parts. The neocortex is responsible for thinking, planning and taking risks. It’s the part you use when you decide to start a business. The limbic system is often called the “old brain” and it’s responsible for emotions, safety and


Three Questions to Manage Your Mind

Once you make a decision to do something, take a moment before you act to notice what you’re thinking. For example, say you decide to invest in new software for your business. Notice what thoughts immediately start to surface and how you feel


The Formula to Create Lasting Change

When there’s something you don’t like about your life, like your business, your weight, or your marriage, the first thing most of us try is to change what we do. We hire a business consultant, or start a keto diet, or look for


These Two Questions Help You Win

What’s the reason you avoid, stall, change your goal, or read another book to find the “solution” instead of taking bold action? It’s the one thing holding you back from creating the business (and the life) you want. Telling yourself you don’t know,


The Best Thing About Obstacles

There will always be obstacles between where you are and where you want to be. Otherwise, you’d already be there. If you’re surprised by that, or make it a problem, you’ll be frustrated a lot. When you run into obstacles, it doesn’t mean

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