Good Decisions

When making decisions ask yourself if you like your reasons. Would you be proud to tell them to someone you respect?

Good reasons are ones aligned with your core values, ones that move you in the direction of learning and growth.

Not-so-good reasons include avoiding, escaping, ego-protecting, or trying to please someone else.

When faced with a crucial decision, ask yourself:

1. Which decision is in alignment with my values? Maintaining your personal integrity means making choices based on your core values. No hiding from challenges or waffling.

2. Is this decision congruent with my growth path? As you learn and evolve, you change. It’s okay to outgrow situations, jobs, or relationships that no longer feel authentic.

3. How do I feel when I think about this decision? Life’s too short to be unhappy. Feeling lackluster is a legitimate sign that something is missing.

Your choices architect your destiny.

Life is not about finding the right path, it’s about forging your own with integrity and authenticity.

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