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The Inevitability of Your Vision

You have the ability to create any future you want. The reason it doesn’t seem that way is because of the process we learned in childhood. We were told to start with the present, then think of the steps to create the future.


The Unnecessary Struggle

Let’s challenge a common belief – the idea that success is synonymous with struggle. It’s easy to fall into the trap of equating pain and hardship with progress. Where does this idea stem from? Perhaps it’s the deep-seated belief that success only comes


How Your Words Shape Reality

The primary job of your mind is to make meaning. It categorizes things as good or bad, safe or dangerous, right or wrong, generally based on past experience. We don’t see circumstances as neutral, we interpret them. We mix up what happened with


How to Rewire Your Brain

Beliefs start out as thoughts which over time you accept as “true.” Your brain uses those beliefs as a filter. It looks for evidence to support what you believe. It deletes and distorts everything else. This is called confirmation bias. This meaning-making strategy


Upgrade Your Beliefs

We have a bias for action because, on the surface, it appears that results are created by what we do. But action can work against us if we don’t believe the outcome we want is possible. Or if we believe it has to

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