The Formula for Fast Progress

You want to launch a new product or service, but the built-in negativity bias which has kept humanity alive for millennia sounds the alarm in your mind.

You think, “I don’t know how to do this. Where do I start? I need more information. It might not work.”

Without realizing it, you stop forward motion.

Trying to figure out exactly “how” to do something when your understanding is at its lowest point usually results in procrastination disguised as “research.”

When you doubt something is possible, it stifles your creative problem solving abilities.

There’s a big difference between hoping something might work, and deciding it will.

The people who make the fastest progress toward their goals get rid of drama about decisions. They follow a simple formula:

Decide + Act + Evaluate + Iterate

It’s impossible to see what’s possible if you focus on what’s missing and what you don’t know.

You’ll get much further by deciding something is possible, taking immediate action, then evaluating and iterating.

Commit to this process and choose to see every result as neutral data. Don’t make it mean anything if you get a result you don’t prefer. Just evaluate and iterate.

The amount of value you add to the world, which translates into the money you make, starts with the decision to act and the commitment to evolve.

Whenever you start a project, instead of focusing on what you don’t know, ask yourself:

1. What do I know?
2. What’s great about this?
3. What’s the first step?
4. What can I measure?

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