The Art of Knowing Who You Are

Most of us try to change unwanted aspects of our life by modifying our actions.

Changing your actions without changing your self concept is very difficult and rarely permanent.

Adopting new behaviors while remaining the same individual requires persistent willpower.

Willpower gets depleted over time. Usually before the change becomes permanent.

The solution is to recognize who you truly are. You are consciousness having a human experience and you have the power to design your life.

Our self concept is shaped by consensus reality and our perception of who we think we should be.

Subconsciously much of our behavior is driven by trying to escape the anxiety of not knowing the answers to such fundamental questions of why are we here and what happens when we die.

So we consume things, we buy things, we crave significance. All these things are external.

When you embrace the full magnificence of your true essence and shine your authentic self to the world, your actions naturally align.

It’s transformation from the inside out.

For example, instead of focusing on stopping a behavior, such as overeating, overdrinking or overworking, reshape your identity in your mind. Think about who you really are.

Quiet your mind each morning for at least 5 minutes and feel your life force inside.

Imagine a fabulous painting of the sun. No matter how magnificent the painting is, it’s still just a representation of the sun.

It isn’t the sun itself.

This painting is like your current identity and the sun is who you really are.

To see the actual sun, you have to turn away from the painting and go within.

Most of us are not willing to do that. After all, we created the painting, it’s familiar to us, and some parts of it we like.

We’re attached to the painting.

We think the painting is the sun. That our identity is who we ARE. It feels risky and uncertain to change who you are and it triggers the primitive brain to feel like survival is at stake, which is why so many people stay stuck their whole lives.

But the painting is not the sun.

Your identity is not who you are. It’s the painting you’ve created.

There’s no reason to judge your painting. Just notice the results you’re getting and let it go.

Know who you really are.

Behaviors that don’t align with your self concept will fall away permanently without requiring willpower.

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