The Inevitability of Your Vision

You have the ability to create any future you want. The reason it doesn’t seem that way is because of the process we learned in childhood.

We were told to start with the present, then think of the steps to create the future.

I am here.
If I do this and that,
I hope to get there.

But there’s a better way. Start with the future as a fact in your mind, then think of the steps that created that future. Imagine it this way:

I got there.
I did this and that.
I’m starting now.

It’s an entirely different perspective. It’s forward thinking, backward planning, and action focused.

Doing it this way makes your vision feel real, helps you focus on the big picture, and motivates you to take action.

What do you want? Where is “there” for you?

Answering this question and imagining yourself there requires that you see it in your mind’s eye, bringing it to life and giving you a sense of certainty and inevitability.

You create the future by the way you think about it in the present moment.

Put yourself in the future right now in your mind, and consider the things your future self did to arrive there.

Make “movies in your mind” of this future you’re creating. See, hear, and feel yourself there. Intentionally choose to imagine this vivid and positive future as if it is real.

Delete memories of how you feel about past mistakes. Keep the lesson but delete the pain.

The same areas light up in your brain when imagining the future or remembering the past. They both exist only in your mind, so fill that space with positive imagery.

In the landscape of your mind, make your future a fact, map the journey there, and start right away.

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