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Today is the day!

My new book, Loving Your Business, is available now for purchase on Amazon.

The Kindle edition is on sale for $0.99 this week only!

This book is for you if you feel trapped by your business, and it’s draining you emotionally and physically.

Do you want to rediscover the feelings of excitement and freedom, and the sense of purpose you had when you first began your entrepreneurial journey?

It’s possible, and I wrote Loving Your Business to show you how. 

I used willpower and grit to grow my business at first, but then I hit a wall. I tried implementing systems, attending workshops, and hiring consultants to help me scale, but nothing worked for long because my mindset and strategy weren’t aligned.

So I changed my approach. I made loving my business a priority, and from there, clarity, focus, and freedom came easier. I turned my company into a multimillion-dollar business that worked FOR me. It worked so well other people wanted to buy it, and I received multiple offers. 

In Loving Your Business, I show you how I did this and give you the steps to turn your business into an asset. It all starts with recapturing the love you once felt for your business. 

Love means amplifying the feelings of appreciation and connection for yourself, your team, your clients, and your solutions.

When you choose to love your business, you actually will. Then take that positive feeling and apply it to my process for scaling. When you turn your company into an asset that runs without you, it’ll be easy to love

Pick up a copy today and begin rethinking your relationship to your business and reclaiming your life! 

Ready to fall back in love with your business? Get the first chapter of my bestselling book, Loving Your Business, and start today!


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