How to Avoid the Cycle of Disfunction

One of the mistakes entrepreneurs make is we say, “Here’s this thing I need done, please figure out how to do it.”

Sometimes we aren’t sure how to do it ourselves, but secretly think we should know and feel a little inadequate about that.

Sometimes we think if we do it and it doesn’t work, then our team might not respect us. 

Most times we just don’t think we have the time to do it.

So we throw our team a Hail Mary pass, they fail to catch it and we lose trust in their ability.

All of this because we have a story.

We have a story that they should read our minds and know exactly what we want.

In other words, we have expectations.

The problem with expectations is they are passive.

They’re assumptions and uncommunicated agreements.

When an expectation isn’t met, you’re disappointed and your team is frustrated.

It starts a cycle of dysfunction within your business.

Your team isn’t clear on the rules of the game. They aren’t sure how to succeed.

Plus the chances are slim that you’ll get the results you want.

The solution is to create agreements.

Making agreements is active. It’s responsible communication.

Here’s the 3 step process:

1. Describe the results you want
2. Ask others to restate and agree 
3. Set a date to evaluate and follow up

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