The Foolproof Trick for Making the Right Decision Every Time

There is no one right decision.

There’s the decision you make, and you make it right with the way you think, feel and act.

When you look at decisions this way, it removes the drama and the angst of making a mistake.

Because it means you’re in charge of the outcome.

Sometimes you can make a good decision, but feel so anxious about it that you start second-guessing yourself.

You start thinking it won’t work.

The brain always finds evidence for what you look for, so this is the worst thing you can do.

It robs you of confidence and focus – exactly what you need in order to take action with confidence and execute the decision you just made.

Doubt is deadly for an entrepreneur.

Don’t let yourself go there.

This process always works:

1. Decide
2. Act
3. Evaluate
4. Repeat

It’s a cycle.

Sometimes, you know what to do. You just don’t want to do it.

The more you think about it, the harder it seems.

The built-in negativity bias that’s an evolutionary throwback causes you to assign more meaning and weight to the possibility of negative outcomes.

You start feeling tired or overwhelmed.

Which contributes to indecision and inaction.

It’s totally normal but not helpful.

Because action is what creates results.

When you have a decision to make, type it up or write it down and list all the reasons for and against each choice without fear or bias. Don’t hide the truth from yourself. Be honest.

That way you’ll feel good about your decision-making process.

Then when you’re evaluating options, make decisions from the perspective of the “future you.” The one who’s already achieved what you are working on now.

Imagine you’re asking this future you what decisions they made that created this future.

Then, once you decide, check that you “like your reasons.”

Would you feel good telling your reasons to someone you admire and respect? Someone who’s done what you’re trying to do?

If so, take action with confidence, knowing that when you decide and act, you get results.

You either get the outcome you want or you get information about what to do next.

Either way, you win.

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