How to Overcome Doubt and Pressure

What are you thinking when you’re in a hurry?

That if you don’t hurry something bad will happen, like:

It won’t work.
It’ll never get done.
Someone else will do it first.

The urge to hurry contains the seed of doubt.

You think you won’t succeed unless you hurry.

It causes an effect similar to an amygdala hijack.

Your body gets tight, your vision narrows, and the survival part of your brain goes on high alert.

Because hurry triggers the brain to think danger is imminent.

The very thing that gives you an advantage over every other species, the huge prefrontal cortex that we have as humans, gets relegated to the back seat.

When you know success is inevitable, you can focus intensely and move quickly, without the feeling of stress that comes with hurry.

The next time you find yourself in a hurry, take a deep breath and ask yourself:

1. What am I thinking?
2. Are these thoughts facts?
3. How can I feel good while I’m doing this?

The better you feel while you’re working, the easier and faster it is.

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