Increase Your Personal Power

You know those moments you say, “I can do this!” and then make it happen? That’s personal power.

It’s when you choose not to care about obstacles or what other people think.

It’s when the most important opinion is the one you have about yourself.

Your mind is the source of your personal power. The thoughts you choose to think become instructions to your brain to take action.

Your thoughts, feelings and actions work together to create your results.

Master your mind, and become the architect of your reality.

It’s not about following a rigid rulebook. It’s about deciding what you want and choosing your thoughts deliberately.

Follow these three rules to increase your personal power:

1. Manage Your Mind: Take charge of your mind. Decide on purpose what thoughts and beliefs you will allow to take up real estate in your brain.

2. Be Authentic: Take only those actions which are congruent with your beliefs and values. This reduces internal stress and increases confidence.

3. Adapt and Grow: See obstacles and setbacks as valuable information and opportunities to evolve.

You’re the author, director, and lead actor in the story of your life.

Make it a masterpiece.


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