Quantum Physics and Your Mind

Even though the larger world is made up of the smaller world, the laws of classical and quantum physics contradict each other.

Yet both are true. Both exist simultaneously.

Classical physics explains how the world operates at the macro level and covers the laws of motion and gravity. Experiments with large objects produce results that are consistent and predictable.

Quantum physics explains the nature of reality at the very small level. Subatomic particles are described as pure potential. An electron can be both a wave and a particle at the same time, until it is observed.

Unlike classical physics, activity at the quantum level is not predictable or consistent. The location of any one electron exists in an infinite number of probabilities at the same time. 

Even stranger is what’s called the “collapse of the wave form” or the Observer Effect which describes how an electron changes from a wave (of energy) into a particle (of matter). Until observed, electrons exist in an unlimited number of possible positions.

These “possible futures” cease being probabilities and become the reality you experience once you interact with them.

In other words, your thoughts and attention work like an observer in an experiment.

Everything is made of subatomic particles and the world is pure potential waiting for you to shape it. 

At the most basic level you create reality. 

Everything around you is both energy and matter, waves and particles. If a tree, a stone and a human are energy vibrating at different frequencies, not solid objects as they appear, what else in your life might not be as it appears? 

You create your world and are the cause in your life, not the effect. 

As you move forward, challenge your beliefs. Look for places where you’re operating in the classical physics model where your future seems limited and predictable.

Consider what else is possible for you from the unlimited, quantum view.

What reality do you choose to create? 

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