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The Art of Knowing Who You Are

Most of us try to change unwanted aspects of our life by modifying our actions. Changing your actions without changing your self concept is very difficult and rarely permanent. Adopting new behaviors while remaining the same individual requires persistent willpower. Willpower gets depleted over time. Usually before the change becomes permanent. The solution is to

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The Formula for Fast Progress

You want to launch a new product or service, but the built-in negativity bias which has kept humanity alive for millennia sounds the alarm in your mind. You think, “I don’t know how to do this. Where do I start? I need more information. It might not work.” Without realizing it, you stop forward motion.

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3 Problem-solving Strategies You can Learn from AI

The methods used by humans and AI to solve problems are not the same. An AI may fail a thousand times in an hour and it means nothing. Each failure is neutral data that brings it closer to the solution. A person might fail one time in an hour and be devastated. That failure increases

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The Inevitability of Your Vision

You have the ability to create any future you want. The reason it doesn’t seem that way is because of the process we learned in childhood. We were told to start with the present, then think of the steps to create the future. I am here. If I do this and that, I hope to

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The Unnecessary Struggle

Let’s challenge a common belief – the idea that success is synonymous with struggle. It’s easy to fall into the trap of equating pain and hardship with progress. Where does this idea stem from? Perhaps it’s the deep-seated belief that success only comes from arduous work. Maybe it’s a throwback to Puritan values where hard

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How Your Words Shape Reality

The primary job of your mind is to make meaning. It categorizes things as good or bad, safe or dangerous, right or wrong, generally based on past experience. We don’t see circumstances as neutral, we interpret them. We mix up what happened with the story we tell about it. The language we use in the

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