The One Tool You Need to Succeed in Business

It’s common to worry about money when you own a business.

It’s just not helpful.

Revenue is a result. It comes from solving problems and adding value.

Your mind is the tool you use to do both of those things.

This means managing your mind is your main priority.

So how do you “manage your mind”?

Here’s the tool I use, called the “model.”

It’s based on cognitive psychology and works like a formula.

Circumstances + Thoughts + Feelings + Actions = Results

➡️ Circumstances are conditions that are facts. For example, “Revenue is down 20%”
➡️ You have thoughts about it: “We’re in trouble, this is a crisis.”
➡️ Those thoughts affect how you feel – they create worry and stress
➡️ Feelings lead to actions: you beat yourself up and take frantic and ineffective action fueled by fear. Or you find yourself blaming the market or the economy and trying to escape by checking out.
➡️ Actions create results: because you waste time blaming and buffering, you don’t increase revenue by solving problems and adding value and things get worse.

The revenue on your financial statement is just a number. It’s not creating worry, your thoughts about it are.

Here’s an alternative model:

➡️ Circumstance: revenue is down 20%
➡️ Thought: Our niche may no longer value what we’re offering or we aren’t reaching the customers who need what we have. We can fix either/both.
➡️ Feelings: Determined, focused
➡️ Actions: Identify the primary problems experienced by our niche and address them. Create a customer advisory board to provide input into our solutions. Systematically test and adjust marketing audiences and messaging.
➡️ Results: Data that guides clear decisions and provides input for new revenue streams and solutions.

Focus your mind on the results you want. Choose the thoughts you think on purpose.

Because what you think affects how you feel, and that drives what you do.

I’ve used the model to create incredible results in business, relationships, and health. It’s the best tool for changing the way you see the world.

And when you change the way you see the world, the world you see changes.

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