The Formula to Create Lasting Change

When there’s something you don’t like about your life, like your business, your weight, or your marriage, the first thing most of us try is to change what we do.

We hire a business consultant, or start a keto diet, or look for a therapist.

It’s easy to think the answer is to take action.

You think maybe you’re not doing something right or you’re doing something else wrong.

But if you haven’t changed your self-concept first, whatever you do will feel incongruent.

That’s why it’s so hard to change.

The alternative is to practice reinvention.

This means transforming your self-concept.

Then the actions you take flow naturally because they’re congruent with your identity.

When you choose to be a decisive leader, you take the actions consistent with that identity.

Think of it as changing from the inside out.

But, you say, “It doesn’t feel authentic. It’s not true – I’m not that person.”

Your identity consists of your beliefs about yourself, which is something you have complete control over.

Beliefs are simply thoughts you think are true.

1. Decide who you are
2. Believe it
3. Act congruently

This is the way to create lasting change.

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