2 Important Truths About Loving Your Business

Want to fall in love with your business again?

Two things will get you there.

✔️Your thoughts.
✔️Your actions.

The way you think about your business defines your relationship with it. ⁠

When you think about problems, it’s easy to feel frustrated and overwhelmed. When you think about solutions, you automatically feel more curious and energized.⁠

During the 18 years I scaled my first business, there were many days I didn’t love my business.

In my search to heal my relationship with my business, I learned two things:⁠

1. The thoughts you choose to think are as important as the food you choose to eat. ⁠

Thinking you’re trapped or resenting your business means your relationship with it is unhealthy. ⁠

Make a conscious decision to look for and focus on what you love about your business.

You don’t have to wait until it’s perfect to love it. ⁠

Building a business is not a straight line, it’s a sine wave.

Decide that the peaks and the troughs are both ok because you’re always learning. ⁠

Write down everything you appreciate about yourself, your team, your clients, your solutions and read it every day for 30 days.

2. Love your business but run it like you plan to sell it. ⁠

Treat it like an investment and turn it into an asset other people want to buy.

Because all the reasons someone would want to buy it are the reasons you want to own it.⁠

People want to buy assets, not jobs.⁠

Are you scaling in a way that requires fewer people and less of your time? Are you getting paid in advance so that you’re not having to personally fund the business growth?⁠

In other words, are you relying on people and time or systems and solutions?⁠

Narrow your niche so you can stand out. Find the intersection of what your customers value the most AND what’s easiest for your team to learn. Turn services into solutions that you market like products.⁠

That’s a business that can scale. That’s a business which is easy to love. ⁠

When you love your business, your team, your clients, and the market will love it too.

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