Why What Comes After the Decision Is as Important as the Decision Itself

There’s a little-known principle that will change the way you make decisions forever.

Adopt it and save yourself years of doubt.

✅ There is no one right decision.

There’s the decision you make, and you MAKE right with the way you think, feel and act about that decision.

For example:

You make a decision to hire a senior leader. But inside you’re thinking, “It’s too much money, I can’t afford it. They might not work out. The last one didn’t. I’m not sure I can really trust them.”

You start doubting yourself which leads you to hover and overmanage. And THAT’s what makes your new hire unsuccessful, not the decision to hire the person.

Contrast that with:

You make the same hiring decision and think, “I followed a proven process for this hire. I’m ready to delegate. I’ve created a clear description of what we need, and we both know how we’re going to measure results.”

You feel confident and focused, so you schedule regular meetings, ask them to draft plans and review them together, listen with curiosity and interest, look for what’s going right, allow them to solve problems. You play the long game.

Those actions are what make the decision right. It’s the way you execute the decision that gives the person the best shot.

Same decision. Two completely different ways of thinking and acting ABOUT the decision. Two totally different results.

What’s required of you is to manage your mind and focus on what you want.

To focus on what you’re moving toward, not what you’re trying to avoid.

To evaluate results objectively without making it mean something is wrong with you.

It’s this way with every decision.

Paying someone to tell you what to do is not the answer. Reading another book is not the answer. The endless searching outside of yourself is not the answer.

You don’t need someone to tell you what to do. You have more information on your individual situation than anyone else outside.

Build the muscle of making decisions, believing in yourself, taking action, evaluating results, and making more decisions.

That’s how you get from where you are to where you want to be.

You either get what you want or you get more information.

Quiet your mind. Give yourself time to think. You know what to do.

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