5 Ways to Love Your Business Again

When you first start out in business, you put more than time and energy into it.

You also contribute energy and excitement! You actively WANT your business and you’re intimate with it.

Do you remember those feelings? Jumping out of bed every day with new ideas, feeling like the future was PULLING you forward with possibility? It’s awesome.

This is because you’re in a great relationship with your business.

Feelings of connection, appreciation, and desire make it much easier for you to be willing to invest time and effort into it.

You can recreate those feelings any time you want.

Notice whenever you are trying to avoid, blame, or escape your business and realize those actions are usually coming from subconscious fear.

If you’re anxious or worried, realize it’s a function of the specific thoughts you are thinking – and THAT is within your complete control.

Simply get in the habit of asking, “What am I thinking about right now?” Notice that it’s your thoughts that are creating your feelings. Then shift your thoughts back on track to where you want to go.

Take these 5 steps to fall back in love with your business:

1. Appreciate it. Be grateful and practice feeling good about it. Choose to feel amazed at how far you have come and be excited for the incredible experience of adding value to the world. Appreciate yourself for having the courage to lead. Appreciate your team and your clients for being on the journey with you.

2. Be committed. Don’t give up if there are setbacks. Don’t require outside evidence to keep going. Create a strong internal belief that doesn’t waver when something goes wrong. Create new beliefs that you practice saying to yourself frequently, “I can do it, and I will figure it out.”

3. Communicate clearly. Create goals, timelines, and agreements for everyone on your team. Measure progress, visualize it, talk about it. Clarity is kindness. It’s not knowing that makes people (including you) uncomfortable.

4. Be intimate with your numbers. Just like you maintain healthy relationships with close friends by keeping up with what’s going on in their lives, you want to give attention to and be intimate with the financials and performance metrics in your business.

5. Be open. Be willing to admit when you don’t know something and be okay with it. Instead of feeling like a imposter, just get ready to learn. Results are neutral. You either succeed or you learn. Be open to feedback and new ways of doing things from your team.

You’re in a relationship with your business. Fall in love with it again.

When you do, your team, your customers and the market will love it too.

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