Are You Brave Enough to Answer These Two Questions Honestly?

What triggers you in business?

Is it your employees, your financials, your customers, or something else?

Whatever it is, it’s pointing to the real work you need to do.

What you avoid or react to is like a custom roadmap highlighting your path.

That’s why variations of the same issues keep resurfacing in your business.

Delay the work, delay your dreams.

What are the reasons that instead of addressing the real issues you decide to avoid, stall, change your goal, or read another book to find the “solution?”

What are the real reasons for the constant searching, or escaping, or abdication, or frustration…

Those reasons are holding you back from creating the business (and the life) you want.

The answers are not out there. They’re in you. You already know what to do.

Be brave enough to answer these two questions honestly:

1. What are you not doing that you know you should be doing?

2. What are you doing that you know you should stop?

Answer these questions and tell me the reasons.

Then get to work managing your mind to see the reasons for the excuses they are.

Telling yourself you don’t know, you’re not sure, you don’t have time, are all smokescreens.

Believing you don’t have the money, or the people, or the knowledge is a story.

The real reason you don’t start or stop what you know you must do is because the primitive part of your brain is hardwired to avoid risk and conserve energy.

It believes your safety is on the line.

But your safety is not on the line.

Feeling safe is a mindset. It’s created by your mind.

Ultimate safety comes from the belief that you can handle anything.

The belief that you either get what you want or you get more information.

Either way you win.

The time is now. The world needs you to show up.

You already know what to do.

Because what’s in the way, is the way.

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