Entrepreneurs Create Value with Our Minds

Remember the feelings of excitement and eagerness you had when you started your business? How energizing it felt to create something from nothing? What happened to those feelings? You no longer feel that way because instead of thinking about the future with enthusiasm, you’re thinking about the problems you face right now. Your brain is telling you to go back into the cave and retreat to safety. That is not what you were made for. You are an entrepreneur. You create value with your mind and shape reality for everyone else.

I’m not sure my business will survive.  I don’t know how I’m going to pay my staff. I can’t even market or sell my services in this situation.  

These thoughts are normal but they’re not helping you.  

If you don’t give it a job to do, your brain will default to providing a steady stream of thoughts about what is already wrong or what could go wrong soon. And right now it’s having a field day. You’re being bombarded with real-life drama and bad news. If you allow your thoughts to run on autopilot, your unsupervised brain will create thoughts that lead to doubt and anxiety. Instead, recruit your prefrontal cortex, the more advanced part of your brain, to choose your thoughts on purpose.

Regain your sense of purpose and commitment by focusing on the future and what value you want to create, instead of what could go wrong.

Choose your thoughts on purpose.

You can completely change how you feel about your business by making it a practice to write your thoughts down and decide on purpose whether you want to think them. Do this quick process several times a day.  It’s important to write your thoughts down in order to take them out of your head and become aware of them. When you see them in black and white you are able to notice how they make you feel.

Identify the feelings those thoughts create and decide if you want to feel that way. The way you feel provides the fuel for your actions, so consider the likely outcome of actions you take from the feelings you are having.

If you see that your current thought will not lead to the results you want, ask yourself a question that starts with “How can I (achieve the result I want)?” Force your brain to answer this question because it is designed to move you toward the results you want. The answer to the question becomes the new thought you intentionally practice thinking until it becomes a habit.

What can I learn? How can I add value? How can we pivot? I’ve done difficult things before.There will be incredible opportunities for my business in the future. Right now I have the time to make my business recession-proof.  

Put your brain to work for you.

When you put your brain to work for you and focus on how you can add value and create the future on purpose, you’ll feel better because you were meant for this. After all, you’re an entrepreneur. This is what you were made for.  

Is your mind spinning with anxiety about how to protect your business right now? Schedule a free 30-minute strategy session with me. In just one meeting I will teach you how to move forward with courage, clarity, and confidence.

Remember, you are an entrepreneur!  You’ve got what it takes.  Learn how to not only survive but evolve and grow.  

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