Every Obstacle is a Call for You to Evolve

The purpose of setting goals is to focus the mind so that you create the future intentionally.

But the real payoff is who you become as you reach for the goals. The way you raise your self-concept by overcoming obstacles

I used to think obstacles in my business were problems. I worried about them. I felt frustrated by them. I wished they weren’t there.

But then I learned that instead of being in the way, obstacles ARE the way.

Think about it. If the obstacles weren’t there, you’d already have the outcome you want.

Overcoming obstacles is literally how you get from where you are to where you want to be.

They’re important pieces in the puzzle we call business.

Here’s why: obstacles are part of a polarity pair. Obstacle/strategy.

On the other side of every obstacle is one or more strategies to conquer it.

Once you know what the obstacles are, you can do something about them.

As long as you don’t make it mean something’s gone wrong.

Just decide to turn each obstacle into a strategy.

How does this work?

Imagine you’re grappling with a stagnant product line. Innovating and introducing new products becomes your obstacle.

Turn this obstacle into a strategy with one of my favorite questions, “How can I?”

How can I invigorate my product lineup?

Maybe you’re faced with a sudden drop in repeat customers. Maintaining customer loyalty becomes your obstacle.

How can I ensure customers keep coming back?

The first step to overcoming any obstacle is to believe that it is possible.

Then follow the agile decision making process:
1. Decide
2. Act
3. Evaluate
4. Iterate

Every obstacle is a call to evolve.

“What’s in the way, IS the way.”

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