Free Yourself from Confusion and Overwhelm

In every situation there are things you know and things you don’t.

When you’re doing something new, there are lots of things you don’t know.

By default your brain goes on high alert to amplify the importance of these unknown things in order keep you “safe.”

The sneaky way it does this is by hyperfocusing on the “how” which is precisely the area in which you have the least clarity.

Resist this habit, because it leads to confusion and overwhelm.

Calm your mind by asking high quality questions, like:

What DO I know?
Why is this worth doing? 
What will I measure to know if it’s working?

Don’t allow doubt to derail you. Focus on where you’re going and hold the vision for the result you want.

You’ll never know exactly “how” until you’ve done it, because how it’ll work for you will be different from how it’ll work for someone else.

Otherwise we would all be successful at whatever we try just by consuming books, podcasts and videos.

It’s your beliefs and the way you manage your mind while you take action that makes the difference.

A common belief is that failure is bad.

You’ll fail ahead of time if you don’t take action because you’re trying to avoid failing.

Failing ahead of time teaches you nothing.

Reframe failure as just a result you don’t prefer. It’s still good data.

Every result is good information because it helps you iterate.

Here’s the best method for tackling anything new:

1. Decide
2. Act
3. Evaluate
4. Iterate

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