How to Create Anything

Want to know the #1 reason you don’t create that new product or service?

What stops you is actually the least important thing:

Not knowing exactly how to do it.

“I don’t know how” is the enemy of success. It erodes self-confidence and stops forward motion. There’s something much more important you need to know.

It’s a 4 step process called the AI formula. And it’s not about artificial intelligence.

It stands for Agile Iteration.

The world is changing so fast that the last thing you need is more information.

What you really need to do is to test your concept by taking massive action, then evaluate the results and refine. In software development it’s called creating a minimum viable product (MVP).

Here’s the AI formula to create anything:

1. Decide
2. Act
3. Evaluate
4. Iterate

Step 1 is the strategy piece. The decision about what to do. This is the easiest part.

The remaining 75% is about execution and taking action. It doesn’t even have to be you that takes all the action. Leverage your team.

Know what interferes with execution?


The two most common kinds of stories are past “evidence” and imagined future failures.

The past is not happening now, so put that aside. And if you’re going to imagine the future, train your brain to imagine the outcome you want!

Get yourself in the right frame of mind. Start with these questions: What would you be willing to do if…

You didn’t care what anyone else thought? (It’s your life & your vision.)

You believed in yourself? (Have your own back. Commit to not quit.)

You knew it would work? (As long as you keep iterating it will.)

No one knows exactly how to do something the first time they do it. And the way it’ll work for you will be different from how it worked for other people because your context is not the same.

There’s a big difference between knowing and doing. It’s much more important to believe in yourself than to know “how.”

The most important thing is to start and not quit.

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