How to Rewire Your Brain

Beliefs start out as thoughts which over time you accept as “true.”

Your brain uses those beliefs as a filter. It looks for evidence to support what you believe. It deletes and distorts everything else.

This is called confirmation bias.

This meaning-making strategy doesn’t rely on accuracy or objectivity. We think we’re seeing the world as it is, but we’re seeing it the way we expect to see it.

Some beliefs help us. Like, “I know I’ll figure it out,” and “People do the best they can.”

Your brain will look for and find proof for these beliefs, creating a positive cycle.

But other beliefs create results you don’t want, like:

I have to do it myself.
Making money is hard.
There’s not enough time.

My advice? Don’t believe everything you think.

Throughout the day, notice how you feel. Negative feelings are a sign of negative thoughts.

Interrupt negative thoughts before they turn into negative beliefs. Ask yourself, “Do I really want to believe this?”

Instead of accepting results you don’t want, created by beliefs you didn’t consciously choose, train your brain to work for you and leverage the amazing power of neuroplasticity.

Make your brain your business partner.

1. Identify the results you want in your life, then ask yourself what beliefs will create those results.

2. Intentionally and consciously adopt these new beliefs by repeatedly thinking about them and looking for evidence.

Beliefs are instructions to your mind to make something happen in your life.

Your results, your happiness, your reality – they all begin with the beliefs in your mind.

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