How to Rewire Your Brain

Every breakthrough you achieve, every goal you reach – from building a scalable business, creating positive cashflow, or staying in peak physical condition, all begin with a thought.

In business school, they teach us how to develop strategies, understand markets, and crunch numbers. But the management of our thoughts? That’s left for us to figure out.

“Mind Management” might sound like a mantra from a yogi, yet if you don’t manage your mind, you’ll create unintended results.

Why? Our brains have been hardwired since the beginning of history to look out for threats, leading us to a negativity bias and loss aversion. As a result, we fixate on possible losses and problems while downplaying our wins and achievements.

How do you rewire your brain to create results you want?

This is where a tool I call the “Thought Model” comes in. It’s a formula based on cognitive psychology which simplifies your thought process into 5 fundamental elements.

C + T + F + A = R

Circumstance: an objective fact
Thought: your interpretation
Feeling: emotion from the thought
Action: your response (or lack of)
Result: outcome of your action

You’re already using the Thought Model thousands of times every day, it’s just running on autopilot most of the time.

Imagine what’s possible when you intentionally use this model to create results you want.

To practice, pay attention to your emotions throughout the day. If you’re feeling stressed, anxious, or overwhelmed, pause and identify the thoughts that are triggering these feelings.

Challenge these thoughts. Do they contribute positively towards your goal? If not, consciously replace them with thoughts that fuel productive actions.

For instance:

Circumstance: Employee resigns
Thought: We’ll never get it all done
Feeling: Frustration⁠
Action: Do the work yourself
Result: Diminishing returns


⁠Circumstance: Employee resigns
Thought: What if I don’t rehire?
Feeling: Curiosity⁠
Action: Analyze and automate
Result: Streamlined operations

The circumstance remains the same. But by changing your thoughts, you change your results.

Your thoughts create your feelings, which fuel your actions. Essentially, your thoughts are the biggest predictors of your results.

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