If You Want More Time, Money, and Freedom, Try This

Just like you have a relationship with time and with money, you have a relationship with your business.

It consists of your beliefs about it, which affect the way you feel and what you do.

Do you LOVE your business and think about ways to scale and add more value while delegating more to your team?

Or do you feel frustrated with it and think about all the problems with your team and your customers and try to control everything?

Loving your business is a choice, and it’s the first step to freedom.

Stop what you’re doing and take a moment to vividly see in your mind’s eye the exact future you want for your business and yourself as the owner.

Then ask yourself, “What do I believe about my business and myself in this future?”

Chances are those beliefs will be different than the ones you have right now.

The brain likes to be efficient, and it converts your most frequent thoughts into beliefs to save time and prevent decision fatigue.

Imagine if you had to decide every day whether or not to brush your teeth—it would slow you down. Instead, you created a belief that it’s important and now it’s automatic.

Because of the negativity bias that evolution developed to prioritize danger, many of our thoughts are negative: “I don’t know what I’m doing.” “This will never work.” “We won’t hit our revenue targets.” “There’s too much to do.” “It’s not good enough.”

Thoughts like these become beliefs, and we stop questioning their validity. We don’t notice how they hold us back from creating the future we want.

Beliefs are like grooves on a record. It’s easy to spend your whole life in the same grooves, forgetting how the groove came to exist in the first place and losing sight of the fact that you have a choice about what you believe.

Thoughts causing anxiety, doubt, and overwhelm are most common—and most deadly to an entrepreneur.

If you’re not getting the results you want, like time for yourself and money to create the life of your dreams, and if you don’t feel confident about your future, it’s because of your beliefs.

If you believe you have to work hard, you’ll find proof for that. If you believe owning a business is a struggle, it will be. If you think money is scarce, it is.

Your brain will look for (and find) evidence to support whatever you believe.

That means you can choose to believe (and create) anything, including time, money, and freedom.

Decide what you want to believe and then practice thoughts that reinforce those beliefs.

Practice and repetition are how we learn anything new, like a sport or an instrument.

Thoughts on repeat become beliefs.

The future of your business exists in your mind before it exists in the world.

Create it with intention by choosing what you believe.

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