Never Feel Stuck Again

Being stuck is a form of suffering that comes from wanting things to be different than they are.

There’s nothing wrong with wanting things to be different in the future – that’s called progress.

But being frustrated, stressed or anxious about the present moment will not change what has already happened.

It just fills your body with cortisol and negative energy, which I call suffering.

There are 4 triggers which activate 4 hidden beliefs which cause you to feel stuck.

The 4 triggers:

1. Not having what you want
2. Having what you want and not being satisfied
3. Having what you don’t want
4. Losing what you had

The 4 false beliefs:

1. It shouldn’t be this way
2. Because it is this way, I can’t be happy
3. Resisting it will change it
4. Accepting it means it won’t change

If you look deeply, you’ll see that these false beliefs are what cause you to feel stuck.

The root of all suffering is resistance to what is. The agent of suffering is your mind which is focusing on what you don’t want.

Nothing needs to change externally for you to stop feeling stuck.

You just need to change your mind.

Shift your focus to the direction you want to go and decide who you want to be in the face of the current situation.

Start asking your power questions:

1. What’s good about this?
2. What am I learning?
3. What do I want instead?

For example, if an employee quits, choose to think that it’s better that they leave if they’re unhappy or disengaged. Decide that you’ll improve the hiring and onboarding processes. Focus your mind on the type of employees you want to attract. Don’t spend any time being frustrated or anxious.

If a proposal is rejected, choose to believe you may have dodged a bullet and maybe it wasn’t a good fit. Decide that you’ll improve the qualifying process and get even better at simplifying the explanation of the value you provide.

Your life is an adventure composed of situations which serve as your personal curriculum to grow and evolve.

Suffering is optional.

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