Other People Are Getting the Results You Want. Here’s Why

Why do some people get better results than others?

Is it because of the way they think or the way they act?

Both matter.

But one provides more leverage than the other.

Here’s why:

Results come from action.

But thoughts affect how you feel when you act.

For example, say you’ve decided to invest in new software for your business.

Thinking: Every time I do this I lose time and money because it never works.
Feeling: frustrated, distrustful
Action: Sign the agreement (but question every detail, hesitate to make decisions, overmanage and hover)

Results: The implementation stalls, you have cost overruns, and you don’t know why. You lose time and money. You reinforce your belief that it never works.

Thinking: We have to do something fast. Maybe this will work. I don’t really know. I’m too busy.
Feeling: urgent, uncertain, stressed
Action: Sign the agreement (but you don’t understand what you’re getting, you don’t want to be involved, you abdicate to the team without setting expectations)

Results: The implementation does about half of what you need. You don’t understand how it works and it’s one more cause of stress.

Thinking: This will provide 5 important outcomes. I know exactly who to put in charge.
Feeling: confident, clear, certain
Action: Sign the agreement (and set measurable outcomes, delegate authority and evaluate outcomes)

Results: The implementation succeeds. Your business has a competitive advantage. Your team learns important management skills.

In this example, signing the agreement produces wildly different results depending on the thoughts and feelings preceding the action.

This is why the master skill for any business owner is the ability to manage your mind by becoming aware of what you’re thinking.

Since you’re always thinking, it’s not always easy to notice your thoughts. But it is possible to train yourself to notice how you’re feeling.

Throughout your day, whenever you’re feeling frustrated, anxious, overwhelmed, or uncertain, stop. Before you do anything else, ask yourself:

1. What am I thinking?

2. Will these thoughts lead to the results I want?

What you think and how you feel influences the WAY you act.

Now it’s your turn to become the person who gets better results.

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