Problem or Path Forward? The Truth About Obstacles

An obstacle is not a problem.

There will always be obstacles between where you are now and where you want to be.

Otherwise, you’d already be there.

Overcoming obstacles is literally how you get from where you are to where you want to be.

They’re stepping stones on the path to what you want. It doesn’t mean something’s gone wrong or that you won’t be successful. Think about this carefully.

It’s only when you think it shouldn’t be there and you feel frustrated or worried about it that an obstacle appears to be a “problem.”

Once you know what the obstacles are, you can do something about them.

Turn each obstacle into a strategy by asking yourself “How can I…?”

How can I find new clients?
How can I hire the leaders I need?
How can I create a recurring revenue model?

Here’s my process:

1. Identify an obstacle in the way of a major goal.

2. Brainstorm all the possible strategies to overcome it.

3. Select the strategy which will make the biggest impact and write down all the reasons you haven’t done it yet.

4. Looking at your reasons, separate the facts from the thoughts. Most reasons are thoughts we think are facts, which is why we don’t take action.

5. Decide to take action to implement the strategy, evaluate the results, refine and iterate.

Do this with every obstacle and you can accomplish anything because on the flip side of every obstacle is one or more strategies to overcome it.

The obstacle is the way.

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