Rewrite Your Rules

Rush. Strive. Grind.

Your mind is full of rules like these, stemming from hidden beliefs like:

There’s not enough time.
I must prove my worth.
Struggling is required.

Your rules and beliefs are stored in a subconscious “manual” which guides your decisions and shapes how you see the world.

Your brain uses your manual to filter reality, actively seeking evidence to support what you already believe. This is called confirmation bias.

The manual in your mind saves you from decision fatigue. You don’t decide whether to brush your teeth. You have a rule to do it automatically. This rule works for you.

But many of our rules work against us. Like:

Never turn down work because any revenue is good revenue. The downside of this rule is you don’t specialize or narrow your niche, which dilutes your focus and limits your ability to systematize and scale.

Don’t trust the competition, they’ll steal your clients. This one eliminates any possibility of collaboration which could result in exponential reach and growth.

Pay attention to every detail or you’ll miss something important. Focusing on the 80% others can handle, instead of the 20% only you can do makes you the bottleneck and leads to burnout.

These rules keep your business small.

The next time you feel frustrated, irritated, or disappointed, pause and ask yourself why you feel that way. The answer will be a perceived violation of a rule in your manual.

It’ll be some version of, “This shouldn’t be happening.” This thought is the biggest source of unhappiness in the world.

The customer cancelled, you got in an accident, the employee called in sick. These events are in direct conflict with the rules in your manual which says these things should not happen.

But if they have already occurred, i
nstead of wasting energy resisting what is, accept it and decide what you’ll do next.

The faster you refocus your mind on the outcome you want, the sooner you’ll move forward.

Take a look at what’s stored in your manual and re-evaluate your rules. Start by completing these sentences:

I have to…
Money is…
Employees must…
Customers should…

Here’s a few rule revisions to consider when you update your manual:

I have to look for the good.
Money is condensed energy.
Employees must feel valued.
Customers should be partners.

You already have a manual, so why not update it with rules that feel good and are within your control? Follow Stephen Covey’s advice by keeping your rules few and focused on positive outcomes.

You’ll be happier AND more successful.

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