Take a Step Closer to Your Dreams With This One Practice

Picture for a moment the “future you” who’s already achieved your dreams.

The 8-figure business that scales without taking all your time.

The body that’s healthy and strong and looks 10 years younger.

The far-flung excursions with family and friends, filled with laughter and love.

The time and the money to do anything and go anywhere.

Now imagine how your life would be different today if you were making decisions the way THAT person does.

That “future you” who’s already achieved these dreams and more.

Want to know how THAT person handles the day-to-day?

They become unavailable to the “problems” of your current life.

The time you spend worrying, being frustrated, or feeling overwhelmed?

It’s gone. Because this “future you” doesn’t spend time that way.

You become unavailable to worry about what other people think, about whether you’re doing it right, and whether you’ll succeed.

You become unavailable to think, “I’m not good enough. I don’t know how. There’s too much to do. This will never work.”

You become unavailable to feel inadequate because you can’t get it all done.

You become unavailable to escape stress by drinking the whole bottle of wine, eating the whole pizza and gorging on an entire quart of ice cream.

You become unavailable to try to impress other people by spending money you don’t have.

You become unavailable to work seven days a week at the cost of your family and your health.

Are you ready to become unavailable to these things?

As entrepreneurs you have an advantage because you already know how to create something from nothing.

So place yourself squarely in the mindset of the future you – right NOW.

Think, feel and act like that person and be unavailable to everything else.

Your future you is waiting.

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