Take Control of Your Future

Being responsible does 3 things:

1. Takes your mind off the problem and puts it on the solution.

2. Prevents you from blaming other people or external events for your results.

3. Activates problem-solving neurons, creating new pathways for better results in the future.

If you believe a situation is outside of your control, it’s easy to feel frustrated or trapped. But when you bring it back to YOU, there’s always a solution.

Here’s the formula:

I have this result because of __________. (Fill in the blank with something YOU are responsible for.)

The real problem is __________ (thing I control) and __________ (thing I control) is the solution.

I will do __________ (plan within my control) to solve it.

This means when a project is stalled, sales are down, an employee quits, etc. you don’t waste time or energy. You move right to the important part – looking for what is 100% within your control (your thoughts, feelings and actions) and overcoming the obstacles.

Bring it back to you. YOU are always the solution.

This doesn’t mean you have to literally do all the work, it means you have to manage your mind, take responsibility and evaluate results.

For every result you’re getting that you don’t want, ask yourself, what’s my part in this?

What am I responsible for?

Not from a place of blame or self recrimination, but from a place of curiosity.

There is nothing wrong with you. You’re here on the the planet to learn and evolve.

Notice the results you’re getting. Then decide you are responsible, take action, evaluate and iterate.

This is also a great way lead by example at work and with your family.

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