Take Control of Your Life

Personal power comes from the ability to declare a thing is possible and make it so.

This kind of inner power makes it possible to act regardless of circumstances and is unaffected by the opinions of others.

It comes from managing your mind and being congruent and aligned with who you really are.

You can’t create this inner power by copying exactly what other people do because the map is not the territory.

The map is a description of how the mapmaker viewed the territory but it does not contain the context and beliefs of the person who made the journey.

Both context and beliefs are interpretations which are formed by thoughts in your mind.

You can choose them and you can change them.

Most high achievers are lifelong learners. We take courses, read books, listen to podcasts.

Before implementing what you learn, take a moment to prime the pump by intentionally framing your context and beliefs.

When you learn a new way to lead your team (or any other skill) no matter how great the content is, your results will be determined by your context and belief. For example:

Context: I’m feeling exhausted and overcommitted. Belief: I don’t believe this new project will succeed.


Context: I’m prioritizing this project so that I free up some time. Belief: I’m certain this new project will succeed.

Actions drive you forward, but your mind steers the course.

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